Security Systems

The next-generation intrusion prevention system

As a highly technical company in Oman, First Tech provides most types of security systems and integration. Our intelligent security systems keep you connected every time whether you are at work, at home or on the go. We also install this cutting-edge security system in school and companies. We develop tailored solutions for entry management, integrated access, and attendance reporting. Our system keeps you connected to your assets, employees, and business through smart devices like IOS, Android and PCs.

We are offering a comprehensive security system, it includes:

  • Automatic Gate Barrier System
  • intrusion prevention system
  • Burglar Alarm
  • Mobile Remote Control
  • Wireless Security Systems

Home Security and Monitoring Systems

Our company ensures that you get the high-quality services and products for your home, school, office or business. Our company offers different home security systems with cost-effective approach.  With our services, products, and complete guidance, you’ll surely be able to make use of smart technology. It will help you completely control your office or home.

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